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Project Description

Commonwealth Connections.

Our Commonwealth project started back in 2014 due to the Commonwealth Games taking place in Glasgow. Since then we have pushed to expand our reach and create actual Global Citizens in the Making. In the first of our 2 year project, we reached 14 of the Commonwealth nations with over 3000 posters sent across those countries for participants. We had winners from numerous countries including Cameroon, India, South Africa and Uganda to name a few. It took us a lot of hard work to get our materials to these countries due to the distance apart we are from them. We created special certificates for our prize winners and we are currently in the process of creating a special annual Commonwealth magazine. We hope to have a big push over the next few months to reach as many of the Commonwealth nations as we possibly can.

“It has helped me to conceptualise a new vision about myself and how to go forward in the future. Thanks for helping me understand myself!” – Ishaan Bhaskar, (Pupil) Indraprastha International School, India.

“I have learned a lot about myself and my character. I have learned how I can help the world to live in peace and harmony.” – Christabelle Muscat, (Pupil) St Ignatius College, Malta.

“From the first part I have learned my character traits. I have learned how to express my feelings in my book I have also learned the story of Nelson Mandela and that what you want can be realised in future and I have learnt that in life you must be patient; patient, optimistic and ambitious.” – Etokwe Foko Meltty Ramses, G.B.H.S.S, Cameroon.

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