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Project Description

Langholm Academy teacher is first to be recognised as an ‘Inspiring Teacher’.

Throughout the years of running our programmes, we have had a number of teachers involved who have stuck by us and bought into the values of our projects year after year. In the summer this year, we officially announced our very first ‘Inspiring Teacher’. Zoe Brown, who teaches at Langholm Academy, was recognised as our first inspiring teacher. She has been involved in our Inspiring Purpose projects for a number of years and really takes it to the next level when it comes to the preparation, teaching and feedback in our projects. Zoe really understands and values what it is we are trying to do with our projects and that is shown in the end products her pupil’s provide as we receive the entries for our annual ‘Global Citizens in the Making’ project. We invited Zoe and two of her prize winning pupils, to take part in our judging event in Edinburgh for our GCIM project in the summer. The fact she took the time to make the lengthy trip with her pupils is testament to her commitment to our project. We surprised her at the end of the judging event with our very first Inspiring Teacher certificate. It is teachers like Zoe that make our projects the success that they are and we are extremely appreciative to have many teachers who share the same belief in our projects as we do. We hope in the coming years that this commitment continues, as well as additional commitment from the newest and future teachers that participate in our projects.

  • Value your time – Make the most of the time available to you.

  • Take time off – It’s important to take time to yourself.

  • Never stop learning – Every day is a school day.

  • Experience is overvalued – Every day is the chance to experience something new.

  • Be courageous – Believe strongly in the chances and decisions you make.

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