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Project Description

Global Citizens in the Making.

Our longest running project, and our main project. Inspiring Purpose: Global Citizens in the Making is the highlight poster programme of our range. Over 18,000 young people from 134 schools have participated in the programme this academic year. Teacher and pupil testimony reveals a transformational effect on those who take part. Every year it gets more and more difficult to judge these posters and every year, we grow more and more inspired by the work produced by our young people. We have a range of prizes which are given in year groups (Primary 5 – S4 year groups). Within each year group we give a 1st 2nd and 3rd prize, although in more recent years we have struggled to separate a few, so we give a joint prize to those difficult contests. We provide an annual magazine, medal and certificate to our prize winners and we also provide a certificate to a list of young people who make it to the ‘National Finalist’ stage. When we receive these entries, we get a real sense of the impact the project has on our young people through reading their feedback section within the posters, a few extracts can be seen below.

“It has really helped me to learn more about myself in the self-reflection section. I know now what I need to work on being and how I can do that. It let me express myself and share my thoughts.” – Izzy Short, Blairgowrie High School pupil.

“During this project I have learned a lot about myself and I realised that I connect with J.K. Rowling on a whole new level that I hadn’t even realised. I explored my past and my future when writing this and have seen life from a different persons perspective. I am very glad I took part in this project as it has changed me in some ways I never expected.” – Ayesha Frisby, The Waid Academy pupil.

“From this project I learned what I want to achieve in life and how to achieve it. I will need lots of determination to reach my goals, but it will be worth it.”
Gus Molyneux, Peebles Academy pupil.

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