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Project Description

Between the Generations – WW1 Centenary.

We launched this special Inspiring Purpose project this year which tied in great with the centenary of the First World War. Just like previous years, we had our WW1 Edition of the poster which was launched so our young people could learn from the history of the war and the different values that would have been needed at such a hard time, as well as for our young people to think about the value of life. Along side this, we had our Between the Generations project. With this, we encouraged a young person and an old family relative or family friend to complete the poster together. Our aim was to bring two generations together and for them to learn from the history of the first world war, as well as from each other. With over 1000 young people across Scotland participating in both of these projects, we seen that we had achieved our goal. We seen a lot of reflections to how times are different now for our young people, as they learned from working with their Senior partner on this project. We hosted a special awards event for this project in the Scottish War Memorial in Edinburgh Castle. Prize winners (including the older generation participants) were presented their prizes by Professor Norman Drummond CBE FRSE. Just like our other projects, seeing the prize winners receiving their prizes and interacting with one another throughout the event, really makes what we do worthwhile. You can see all the photos captured from this fantastic event by clicking the following link 

“Working with Aimee has reassured me that her generation is being taught the importance of virtues and values and can be trusted to try to have good people at the top.” – Christian Tait, B.T.G Participant.

“It was lovely to see my mum and son spend time working together on something which meant so much to them both. In this busy life the poster is a good reminder to take time to stop and be thankful for all our family and friends.” – Ruth Anderson, Mother of B.T.G Participant.

“My research has made me more grateful to be alive as I didn’t realise how horrible some of the things people had to do during the war were. In 2018, I can go to school without having to practice bomb drills, get given gas masks, ration my food intake, or live in fear. I can live every day knowing I’m more likely to go to bed tonight (a safe and warm one too!) than i would 100 years ago. I barely have any hardships.” – Mika Gaffney, WW1 Participant.

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