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Becoming an Inspiring Teacher

Start by making the commitment to deliver one of our Inspiring Purpose programmes in your school. There is much more information, including a teacher guide which is available in  the ‘complete’ section of each of the Programmes pages on our website ( Decide which programme is best for your school and age of your pupils. Remember, all of our programmes are FREE to use and we will send hard copies to your school based on requirements. There are guides available for each programme and we will offer help on delivery. In return we will annually recognise you as an Inspiring Teacher and you will receive recognition on our website as well as receiving a certificate.

  • Value your time – Make the most of the time available to you.

  • Take time off – It’s important to take time to yourself.

  • Never stop learning – Every day is a school day.

  • Experience is overvalued – Every day is the chance to experience something new.

  • Be courageous – Believe strongly in the chances and decisions you make.

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