Welcome to Character Education Scotland. We appreciate you taking an interest in our work. We hope you find a wealth of useful and inspiring material and information on our website. Our Inspiring Purpose poster programme provides a valuable resource that takes young people on a journey of self-discovery and aspiration. It invites honest self-assessment of values, personal strengths and areas for development. It challenges individuals to consider what they will personally do to bring out the best in themselves. There are no right or wrong answers and who or what inspires a person is unique to them. They can be as thoughtful and creative as they like. We are in our 12th year of the programme and close to 300,000 young people have taken part. With the help of more inspiring teachers and more participating schools, we hope to widen our coverage even further. We remain committed to the development of character and virtues and we are very practical in our approach to making that happen. Our Programmes section will tell our story, hear from those we work with and share our resources. Our new Early Careers programme is designed to better prepare our young people for the world of work and crucially develop our young workforce.


Our Charitable objectives are the advancement of character and values education. By character and values education is meant the promotion of personal values and social virtues as a guide to conduct; these include responsibility, honesty, integrity, self-reliance, reliability, generosity, self-discipline, and a sense of identity and purpose. These qualities define the kind of person we become and want to become.

All young people have the opportunity to achieve their potential and flourish.

To promote the development of character in young people and intentional character education in schools.

All young people have access to and can benefit from character education

Inspiring the discovery and development of character

Scotland has a long and intertwined history with character and values. Robert Owen founded the Institute for the Formation of Character at New Lanark in 1816. The country’s history in education is closely tied to its culture and underpinning values. Scotland’s traditional aspirations relate to social reform, justice and a shared determination to address broad and general questions relating to philosophy, ethics, economics, technology, education and democracy. In this way, Scots have had a profound global impact on economics, science, technology and politics in a way that is disproportionate to its small population.

The moral values of the Scottish Parliamentary Mace – wisdom, integrity, justice, compassion – reflect this history and underpin the four capacities of the Scottish Government’s Curriculum for Excellence: confident individuals, successful learners, effective contributors and responsible citizens. In this way, character and values-based approaches are integral to educational policy in Scotland. Character and values education are not new ideas, but a renewed focus on them is a natural extension of Scotland’s educational history.

Character education is the continual process of learning about ourselves and how we interact with our world. Hence, the purpose of education is not just about preparing young people for a life of tests, but for the tests of life; learning how to BE, as well as THINK and DO.

Character Scotland is an educational charity formed in 2009 by a group of academics, educationalists and entrepreneurs. We believe that character development is the foundation for improved attainment and human flourishing.





Joining the team as Chief Executive in September from the global regulatory and standards setting organisation, RICS, where he was the Director, UK Regions. His early career was with Dundee and Tayside Chamber of Commerce and the electrical trade association, Select.

GRAEME HARTLEY, Chief Executive Officer

A writer, lecturer and editor who is a Founder of Character Education Scotland, Programme Director of the Scientific and Medical Network and former President of Wrekin Trust and the Swedenborg Society. 


The Admin & Finance Director of the charity’s digital media partner Creative Cause. Operating as the Programme Manager for the Inspiring Purpose project.

Programmes Administrator

The Creative & Managing Director of the charity’s digital media partner Creative Cause. A trained digital designer who specialises in web/graphic design and video editing.

Web & Graphic Designer

The Digital and Marketing Apprentice of the charity’s digital media partner Creative Cause. A creative digital marketer working with B2B & B2C marketing within multiple industries.

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