Character Scotland is an educational charity formed in 2009 by a group of academics, educationalists, entrepreneurs and parents for the purpose of promoting the development of character in young people and intentional character education in schools. Our definition of character education and our rationale for the centrality of character education in Scotland is set out in…


Inspiring the discovery and development of character

Character Scotland’s core education programme is ‘Inspiring Purpose’ now in its 12th year and fourth major revised formulation. Over 300,000 young people have taken part in the programme with many thousands of young people receiving an award for their work on character discovery and many more being published in Character Scotland books and our Inspiring Purpose magazines.

Inspiring Purpose Programme

See the Inspiring Purpose Project website.

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All young people have access to and can benefit from character education

“The sensible question that can be asked about a school’s character education strategy is not whether such education does occur, but whether it is intentional, planned, organised and reflective.”

Character Education is an increasingly understood fundamental of successful schools and high performing education systems. We have been working with many schools and stakeholders in Scotland and for several years. Character Scotland has been championing ‘intentional’ Character Education through programmes, partnerships and research.

To view the full archive of publications published by Character Scotland and its projects please visit Issue: issuu.com/character-scotland

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To view the full archive of videos published by Character Scotland and its projects please visit YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UC2KatfFYwhv3Q4XTL4wNiBA

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